Engine Management

Is your car not running as well as it used to?

In this day and age the electronics that run and maintain your vehicle are increasingly more sophisticated than they have ever been.

Cam Sensors, Engine ECU’s and Oxygen sensors are just a few components used to make you car run more efficiently. Have you seen that annoying symbol “CHECK ENGINE” or the battery icon appear on your dashboard and not known what it means?

At Core Auto Electrical Services we have the most current scanners and access to technical information to diagnose and fix these issues and unknowns and put your mind at ease.

Core Auto Electrical Services is a new and innovative auto electrical company run by Maurizio Modesti.

We have a long history in the industry. Here are some of the numbers behind Core Electrics…


+ Years Of Experience

Interested on how we can assist with your engine management?

We are always happy to have a conversation and recommend the best solution for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.  Email Us

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