Lighting & LED

HID and LED are examples of the lights available to Core Auto Electrical Services – we have a wide variety of lighting available, stocking premium brands such as Phillips, Osram and Tungsram.

We also stock and sell LED driving lights that we source from reputable companies such as Baxters, Ashdowns and Cooldrive, to name a few.

If you are not happy with your car lighting or are wanting to improve the appearance of your car with driving lights or LED light bars come in and have a chat, we are sure we can source and provide you with the right light.

We also install and wire up with switches that allow you to achieve that factory look to complete your cars overall functionality and aesthetic.

Core Auto Electrical Services is a new and innovative auto electrical company run by Maurizio Modesti.

We have a long history in the industry. Here are some of the numbers behind Core Electrics…


+ Years Of Experience

Interested on how we can assist with your Lighting & LED?

We are always happy to have a conversation and recommend the best solution for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.  Email Us

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