Safety is a priority when driving any vehicle, car engineering has grown and evolved over the years and now all vehicles are fitted with Airbags and ABS breaking systems.

Have you ever wondered what all the weird little symbols on your dashboard are that pop up occasionally? All of these symbols are part of the sophisticated system of components ensuring your safety whilst driving.

At Core Auto Electrical your safety is our concern. If these lights have turned on, call us to organise a scan and diagnosis of your vehicle, so that we can get you safely back on the roads.

Core Auto Electrical Services is a new and innovative auto electrical company run by Maurizio Modesti.

We have a long history in the industry. Here are some of the numbers behind Core Electrics…


+ Years Of Experience

Interested on how we can assist with your ABS & SRS?

We are always happy to have a conversation and recommend the best solution for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles. Email Us 

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